Another beneficiary replica watches of the Swatch Group's departure

Another beneficiary replica watches of the Swatch Group's departure to Baselworld is Breitling. Previously, as you entered the main hall (Hall 1) with a large red Omega logo at the end of the central aisle, this year sees a huge screen (even bigger than last year) featuring Brad Pit, Charlize Theron and Kelly Slater Advertise the Breitling 2019 news. And of course the yellow and white Breitling logo. Since the Omega stand is missing this year, one has a clear view of the hitherto "hidden" status of the pilot's watch brand. Or to put it another way: if you visited Baselworld in 2019, the Breitling booth was omnipresent. In terms of attention on the pitch certainly a great advantage (see also).

But a large cabin and visible presence aren't everything - as a (luxury) watch brand, of replica watches uk course, you should have some beautiful designs in store too. And this was the case with Breitling - at least for my taste. Because diehard Breitling fans are still struggling with the company's reorientation under Georges Kern. Wrong as I think.

The following watches show quite well how Breitling wants to get rid of its slightly dusty 90s image with oversized bombast watches. The first is the very successful new edition of a classic from 1959:

You see: you can hardly tell the original (right) from rolex replica the new edition (left). And that's what you wanted. In collaboration with Breitling connoisseur Fred Mandelbaum (Instagram: @Watchfred) Breitling has designed this new edition to be as historically correct as possible in the trade. And I can tell you, I was pretty shocked when I tied them to Baselword: